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Thank You Does Not Even Begin to Describe...

Pinch me.  Am I dreaming?

*Tigger dances blissfully around room*

I’ve just received word that WHEN A DRAGON MOVES IN has been honored with the Library of Virginia’s Whitney and Scott Cardozo Award for Children’s Literature!

When a Dragon Moves In

*Breaks for another Tigger dance* 

Sorry, I’m back...*sheepish grin*

When I first received “the call” from Dan Stackhouse of the Library of VA congratulating me, I could barely speak. I was so shocked, so humbled, so thrilled and so grateful, it was all I could do to squeak out a “THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH” in between the “OMGs”!

I remember asking him if he could feel me hugging him over the phone.

Yes, I really asked.

Believe it or not, they haven’t retracted the award yet.

I immediately started scouting for rooftops to blast out my news, my joy…

But mostly, my intense gratitude.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being an author (okay, I’ve learned A LOT…but, for the sake of this post, I’m going to pick one…) it’s that writing may be a solitary thing, but the journey to being published is NOT.

And I am blessed to have so many extraordinary people in my corner – by my side – guiding me each and every step of the way!

So, without further ado… *clicks cyber megaphone on*

Jumping Jodi

A ton of love, hugs and gratitude – in no particular order – going out to:

All the wonderful folks at The Library of Virginia (including an extra hug to the person who nominated DRAGON)! ;-) I can’t even begin to find the words to describe what an honor it is to be among such esteemed company (books AND authors).  *sniff* 

To all my favorite librarians, booksellers and teachers…the amazing people that have not only been so generous to me and to DRAGON, but continue to ignite those sparks of creativity and nurture original thinking in all of us on a daily basis through the love of books.

To my tremendous critique buddies, both on-line and in-person, who continually guide, encourage and inspire me; who celebrate my successes and are never at a loss to provide a shoulder, a tissue and a hug when rejections come.

(I would be remiss if I didn’t send out special thanks and love to partners/friends/sisters Mindy Alysse Weis, Megan Gilpin and Kimberly Sabatini…we share not only manuscripts, we share hearts.)

To the fabulous folks at SCBWI and Verla Kay’s Blue Board, who represent a never-ending source of information, inspiration, passion, compassion and friendship.

To my amazing editor and friend Shari Dash Greenspan, my brilliant illustrator Howard McWilliam and the entire Flashlight family, for bringing my Dragon, my vision, to life.

To my fantastic editor and friend Mary Rand Hess, and the entire Story Pie Press family, for cheering my every project as if it were their own.

To my friends – those I’ve met and those I’ve yet to meet…who have read DRAGON, blogged about DRAGON, shared DRAGON, embraced DRAGON and ultimately voted for DRAGON…!

To my parents and siblings, for sharing books with me from day one and through their love and confidence, allowed me to believe I could create something so special.

To my loving husband, Larry, my best friend, the “muse-ic” in my life, who supports me in every way – every day! – and is relentless in his pursuit to build the perfect sandcastle.

To our two beloved and incredibly talented sons, Alex and Steve, and to our new daughter-in-law Jessica, who, along with my husband, have decided that growing up is overrated, and through their unrelenting faith, love and support never permit me to doubt myself as I pursue my dreams.

Finally, to one anonymous little boy, who stuck a piece of seaweed in the door of my husband’s sandcastle several summers ago, prompting Larry to say, “Look! It’s a dragon tail. Our castle is so cool, a dragon moved in…”

And allowed us once again to see life as it should be seen…through the eyes of a child.

I sincerely hope you can all feel the love, gratitude and virtual hugs attached to this post. And consider yourselves warned. You will get a real one when I see you!

'Cause that's just how Methinks.  xoxoxo

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