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And...it's a DRAGON!


People often refer to a book launch as its “birth” day. To me, it’s more than just a cute reference.

Each book has its own unique gestation period, where it grows and matures. Where it begins to form its own personality and character. The bones start to fuse, the heart begins to beat. You feel the joyous flutter with each minuscule change, totally enchanted as you watch your baby develop.

I’ve been so very lucky. My amazing editor at Flashlight Press, Shari Dash Greenspan, not only assigned the brilliant illustrator Howard McWilliam to breathe life into WHEN A DRAGON MOVES IN, she kept me in the loop the entire time, often sharing the magnificent sketches and layouts.

Those glimpses were my sonograms. I got tingly and teary-eyed as I gazed upon them, as every proud parent does.

And like any proud mom, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the day I could hold our sweet new little one.

The official launch date, our baby’s birthday, was set at May 1st and I have been very busy nesting, trying to get everything ready for its arrival.

Then, a few nights ago, I got my first labor twinge. My dad sent me an email that Amazon had notified him the baby was coming. Any day now. I got another twinge. And another.

What was happening? I emailed my doctor, er, my editor. Could this be for real? Or was I in false labor?

Breathe, she responded, as every great birthing coach does. The book’s official launch date is still May 1st, she went on to explain, but it seems Amazon and some other online booksellers received their copies early and were fulfilling orders. Dragon should be in the physical bookstores closer to the actual launch date, she added.

Omigosh! My baby was coming early! A premie! I Tigger danced in between taking deep cleansing breaths.

Yesterday afternoon, the Amazon stork came to our house!

* squeeeeeeee! *

Yes, our precious book baby has arrived…and it is beeeoooouuutiful!!! It is everything I could have dreamed of and more.

I can only hope that those of you who have inspired me, guided me and believed in me – my beloved husband and sons, my awesome critique buddies, my extended family and friends, my amazing editor/publisher and uber-talented illustrator – know how grateful I am to have you in my life.

* bliss *

I would gush longer, but it seems someone needs a story. And one NEVER passes up the opportunity to read and snuggle with a good book.

At least that’s what methinks.

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