Writer Jodi Moore (writerjodimoore) wrote,
Writer Jodi Moore

Lo...and Behold

There's a reason I haven't entered a blog post in a month. It's not that I haven't written one. In fact, I've written several. It's just that my inner critic and my inner editor ganged up on me and insisted on revision, after revision, after revision. Then they sent me a form rejection. On each one.


But I had an epiphany the other day. A revelation. A major break-through. And it was all thanks to one scientific study and someone else's blog. There I was, enjoying my morning coffee, gearing myself up to begin my daily scrutiny, when this news flash came on:  Perfectionists die earlier than those who take it easy. The hot liquid froze in my mouth.

"Ridiculous," snorted my inner critic, who dismissed the report and poured herself another cup of high test. "Why are you listening to this drivel? Don't you have a revision to polish?"

I slunk upstairs to my office and opened a manuscript. I honed. I refined. I buffed. My inner critic smirked. My inner editor groaned. I deleted. Began again. Repeated the process. Printed it out. Read it. Shredded it. Began again.

Shampoo. Rinse. Repeat.

At some point, I went on-line to clear my head. There, amidst a sea of interesting and though-provoking posts, floated a life raft: a blog about inner editors vs inner critics, written by Malinda Lo and suggested to me by Anastasia Suen.  

I won't reiterate the blog, but I do suggest you go and read it. Because after I did, I realized my perfectionist tendencies are very much related to - if not directly caused by - my inner critic and my inner editor. So I banished my inner critic (and least I am actively trying to, it's easier said than done) and have switched my inner editor to decaf.

Now I am going to go back and pull up those blogs I wrote. And share them with you on a regular basis.

Well...after I spell-check them. 

'Cause that's just how methinks.
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